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Creating causes

To create a cause, you need some time. Don’t worry!! It’s easy. You need 5 photographs that represent your cause. Each photograph must be accompanied by a text that helps to understand it (maximum 75 characters per photo). It is important that you think well your cause and the attached texts help users understand causes. Once you have the materials, the steps to follow are very easy:
1) Give your cause a name.
2) Upload your photos and add the attached to each photo (75 characters per photo)
3) Review mini video.
4) If everything is correct, confirm the cause. Then, your cause is ready!
If, on the contrary, you have a photo and do not have time to create a cause, assign it to #FRCNews, the generic cause to Fotoraporto for news.

Why does not the name of the person who created the cause come out?
Initially we thought that the cause is more important than the users. We want to avoid having 5 causes with the same theme and we believe that anonymity facilitates this work.

Why can I not to delete a cause created by me?
Not for the moment. We are implementing improvements in the platform. If you have created a cause and you want to eliminate it for some reason, please write to and we will analyze the situation. Be patient, we hope to give you an answer in 24 hours.