Mission and policies of Fotoraporto




Around us we constantly see unfair situations that are more common than we would like. But fortunately, there are people, associations, NGO’s and companies that works for the change and for a better world.

And we believe this effort should have greater visibility and must be rewarded.

That’s why we have created Fotoraporto, the first photoprotest and photoproposal platform, alternative and innovative, that spreads causes of social and environmental impact.

In Fotoraporto anyone can upload and support photos, create and spread causes of social impact and even sponsor them using the mobile app. And users can make donations directly to social impact organizations using the webapp.

We want to be a REAL CHANGE online platform and we want to be a reference as a digital observatory.

Because we are socially committed and we believe that the world can be a better place.



Fotoraporto undertakes to work for social and environmental improvement and concrete in this regard the following commitments:

  • The partners of Fotoraporto are committed to always watch for the well-being of the people and for the environment.
  • Fotoraporto will always donate 10% of its profits to social ends and organizations committed by the real change.
  • Fotoraporto’s partners commit to dedicate part of their working time to pro-bono actions to help, protect and improve third sector associations and organizations in the performance of their activity.



As Fotoraporto is a free platform, any cause that does not violate any fundamental right can be published. If a user suspects that there may be a violation of fundamental rights in the causes or in the photographs, Fotoraporto has a system enabled that allows users to notify Fotoraporto of their existence, and Fotoraporto will analyze and proceed to its elimination in case violation of the principles on which Fotoraporto is based.




Fotoraporto is committed by the change, and for this reason we believe that this must take place first from the own organization.

The following are the different policies that Fotoraporto applies in different environments, both internally and externally of the company.



All partners of Fotoraporto are committed to following faithfully an attitude and behavior that fully defends the rights of people, collectives, fauna, flora and defense of the environment.

They also undertake to ensure compliance with the following policies to defend fundamental values ​​that promote a more just, equitable and free world.



Fotoraporto is committed to comply faithfully with the current laws of the European Union to defend the rights and obligations of workers, both in terms of employment, wages and working environment, always ensuring the rights of individuals and groups.



Fotoraporto is committed to operating always respecting the environment. This means that Fotoraporto will implement the necessary actions to use clean and sustainable energy resources in order to minimize its footprint in the environment, requiring an environmental commitment to its suppliers of supplies and implementing waste management actions.



Fotoraporto will always require its suppliers to comply with good practices related to workers’ rights, environmental protection and special attention to disadvantaged groups, always encouraging the hiring of those suppliers who show an ethical commitment to society and the world, and completely vetoing those who perform or permit activities that violate the law or are against fundamental values ​​or related to activities of doubtful ethics.



Fotoraporto undertakes to be transparent regarding its activity, accounting, revenues and governance. Fotoraporto will provide information on these aspects as long as it is requested, and will always have the necessary channels enabled to request this information. Provided that the laws in force are not violated nor is it strictly confidential information.



In any case, Fotoraporto will always respond to users’ requests regarding improvements, opinions, practices or policies, always having an open communication channel between Fotoraporto and its users.


Declared in Barcelona, ​​September 2016

Committed people

Committed people