Mobile app's features

Upload your photos

Choose the best photo, adjust it with our filters and upload it. Assign it a cause, define where and when has been taken. In a moment it will be online and, the world will know!

"Share your photo or the assigned cause. The more we spread, more powerful becomes the information"

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Support or create a cause

All causes are generated by the users. Once a user decides to create a cause the system will ask: 5 photos, 5 sentences of max 90 characters and an unique name for the cause.

"With this info, the system will automatically creates a mini video to explain what it the cause about"

After creating a cause, it will not be possible to change it. Each creator becomes the ambassador of that cause.

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Corporate social responsability

"Fotoraporto is the tool to complement your Corporate Social Responsability policy"

Each cause can be sponsored by companies or brand which want to expose themselves a favor of that cause. The sponsorship is permitted to only one organization per cause, and for a flexible amount of time.

Fotoraporto will verify the historial of each candidacy, allowing the sponsorship only to ethic organizations.

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We donate the 5% of the total income

"At the end of the year we'll donate our 5% to the organizations chosen by our users"

You want to donate more?
You can do it directly from our website, to your favorite NGO. We'll transfer the entire amount.

Feature soon available.

How it works

easy to use and intuitive interface
upload your photos in a moment, from everywhere

Latest photos

Navigate trough the most recent photos uploaded by the users of the pltatform

Change view

Switch between grid and single view, to have a global overview or to see more details


Discover what causes are the most active and participate to them

Take the picture
Apply filters
Add details
Spread it


Three easy steps to upload your photo, support a cause and spread it immediately


By tag, cause, user, place or time. Chose the best way to find what you're looking for


Keep your profile update and discover others photographers in the platform

About us

based in Barcelona, Fotoraporto is a B-Corp company who aims to change the world by creating a new information channel
here the three founders:


Photoactivist and promoter of social impact solutions. Consciences shaker, based in Barcelona


Strongly committed to social causes and passionated by documentary photography


Vegan italian entrepreneur. From early age already active against the problems of water scarcity

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IOS version in development and soon it will be
also available for Android devices

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